Notifications – help validate requirements!

Notifications are a mechanism by which the user is made aware of a system occurrence.  In PatternFly, we are focusing on three types of notifications at this point:  inline notifications; popover notifications and a notification list.  The following provides an overview as well as the requirements which we have identified to be part of the initial version of the PatternFly notification pattern.

Inline Notifications

Inline notifications should be used when the user is performing a task, and needs to be made aware of the status of an action which has been performed as part of the task flow.  In this case, the notification does not have to be dismissible.

Popover Notifications

Popover Notifications are fly in or bubble message which pop onto the screen to notify the user of a system occurrence.  These are not in context.
  • When possible, popover notifications should be user configurable
  • Display the popover for a short period of time, and have it disappear on its own
  • Optionally allow the user to dismiss the popover on demand
  • Optionally allow the user to view details of the notification

Notifications List

Notifications List allows the user to view a list of notifications which have occurred since they have logged in on demand.
  • Display the number of notifications which have not been viewed or cleared
  • Allow access to a list of notifications which have not been cleared
  • Allow user to clear the entire list of notifications
  • Optionally visually differentiate between notifications which have been viewed or not
  • Optionally clear a single notification (removes it from the list)
  • Optionally allow the user to view details of one of the notifications (which implies that it’s been read)
This pattern is in the initial stage of the PatternFly design process (gathering requirements).   Let us know if we have missed any by commenting below!  Check back in a couple of weeks to read a blog on where are design is going.
– Serena
Design Pattern Team: Josephine, Liz, Serena

5 Responses so far.

  1. Leslie says:
    Can we expect this pattern to define or make recommendations for the best icons to use for various notifications such as info, warning and/or error? I’m working on a project now that would benefit from this sort of research and recommendations.
  2. Jeff Phillips says:
    I think there should be an option to show more details for inline notifications as well.

    Should it be required that popover notifications disappear after a short period of time? There could be instances where we want users to be able to view more details and not have the notification auto-dismiss.

  3. serenamarie says:
    @Jeff, agreed we should provide an option which allows the user to get more details for inline notifications.

    Per the comment about instances where we want users to be able to view more details – are you thinking that we provide a default time for auto-dismiss which can be overridden for certain cases? This hasn’t come up in discussions to date, but I will be sure to add it. Thanks

  4. Josephine Qian says:
    Additional requirement collected from the participant in the EAP usability test:
    – Allow users to view all the error messages in the Notification List

    Design idea:
    – Show tabs at the top of the Notification List: All Notifications; Errors